Happy Mother's Day to all the brave moms. The ones who are courageous enough to allow their kids to fall down, make mistakes and hurt themselves so they learn how to get up on their own and keep going. To the moms that loved their previous life and still made the decision to change all of it. To the ones that listened to their heart first, then the rest of the world. To the moms that don't judge or criticize other moms who are also trying their best and couldn't care less about being judged or criticized themselves. To the ones who wanted to spend 24/7 with their baby, but decided to keep working to give the right example to their daughters ( @macacarrera ). Lastly, to the 🇻🇪 Venezuelan moms who are saying goodbye to their kids everyday not knowing if they will ever see them again because they are fighting for the country. If it took courage for you to do, instead of comfort, consider yourself a very brave mom whatever direction you decided to go 💪🏼 I hope to be a brave mom one day and celebrate this day with all of you 👊🏻💛 #bravemom #mothersday #courageis#the100dayproject #illustration #day41#100dayproject