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When I was in high school, I used to always complain about a certain "friend." My boyfriend (now husband) told me one day: if you don't like this girl, why are you still friends with her? I never even thought about it and he was so right. I had the choice to end that relationship and it never crossed my mind. Why do we need to keep people who bring drama or struggle close by? IRL (in real life) there is no "unfollow" button like in social media, so it is 100% up to us to respectfully distance ourselves and leave behind those who bring more negative than positive things into our life. Surround yourself only with those who genuinely want the best for you. It is then that you will find inner peace. Negative people will often try to bring us down, so let's push forward and quickly move on. Time is precious, spend it with the right people (Tag a person who always brings positivity into your life) 💛#day40 #the100dayproject #courageis #unfollow #irl #100dayproject