Last month I started following designer Cristina Vanko and her @100daysofadulting project and loved everything about it. I thought about letting her know I exist and that she has a new fan, but then I was like "What if she doesn't care? I mean, why would she?" I finally got over my fear and reached out! 

Turns out we have so much in common and she was down to get to know me as well! 

We connected, became internet friends and she sent me her awesome book which I absolutely love 🙌🏼! 

The point is, it takes courage to reach out to people you admire, but try to find out how can you add value to them as well and offer your help or friendship. 

I recently heard the saying "you are the result of the 5 people you surround yourself with." That day I started expanding my network by reaching out to people that I not only would like to collaborate with but I would enjoy having as a friend.