Whether you're starting over in your love life, in your career or the country you live in, this takes a whole lot of courage to do. We love to plan out our lives and I'm very guilty of that. But even though I agree planning is good to have some sort of direction, we need to understand that life can be full of surprises too. As my professor @tomguarriello once told me, stability is fake, people like the concept of it so they hold on to jobs they don't like, partners that don't make them happy and lives that seem OK, just to feel they are stable. There is one thing that is real and that is TIME. So stop underestimating time and overestimating stability. Stop saying: in 5 years when I get X I'll do Y, and do the things you really want to do, now. Even if that means having to start over.


Yesterday I posted about the courage of self promoting your work, but today let's talk about accepting and embracing criticism. Two things you need to take into account: first, let's understand who has the right to criticize us and who doesn't. According to @brenebrown we must listen only to those who are "in the arena" meaning, those who also dare to put themselves out there (read her book Rising Strong to hear more about this). In other words, do not pay attention to the person who comments from his/her comfortable couch at home. Accept criticism only from those who are working as hard as you are to be out there, the courageous ones. Second, learn how to distinguish between intentions. Some people want to screw you over so they criticize you in public with the sole reason to hurt you and boycott your content in front of other people's eyes. These people don't deserve your attention whatsoever. Ignore their comment and move on (ignorance hurts more than any kind of attention). Listen to those who are willing to be honest with you because they want to see you succeed, those who share with you their honest opinion in private, offering you a solution on how to do things better next time around. In fact, when showing your work to those people don't ask them if they like it, ask them what can you improve on. That mentality is what will help you accept criticism and use it as a powerful tool to grow. Capisce?


Why is it so easy to promote someone else's work but so hard to recommend our own stuff to others? I started mastering the art of self-promotion when I first opened Facebook in 2006. I started putting my art and my photography out there as a way to let others know A) what I'm good at, and B) what I'm passionate about. And even though I've been doing it for years, I still doubt myself before sharing my videos and posts with my loved ones and with the rest of the world. The constant struggle: will they like it? makes me doubt my skills and my potential. Do we really need the likes and the hearts to know our self worth? The only thing I know is that if we're confident about our work we must let others know about it - we never know who we may help with our words, images or thoughts. My advice, don't keep the things you do to yourself. Otherwise you will never know how good or bad your work is or who may benefit from your creation πŸ‘ŠπŸ»


Would you give everything you have and everything you are to save your country? This person is. For the past month, every single day, brave men and women have been putting their lives at risk to fight for the freedom of Venezuela. An amazing country that used to have it all, and now can't even feed its people. Breaks my heart to be physically far and emotionally there. How can you be in two places at the same time? How can you help from afar? How can you cry out of hopelessness and still be able to put on a smile to keep going with your life? πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’” 


Today one of my best friends called me to tell me how courageous she felt when she asked for a raise at work. She has no idea if she will get it or not, but whatever the outcome is, she feels at peace with herself for at least asking exactly for what she wanted and deserved. Know your worth and have the courage to let others know. Only then, you will get what you need and if you don't, at least you know you tried. Failing is failing to try. Also, don't doubt yourself. The more determined you are the better


I want to dedicate today's post to a very brave person I had the luck to marry and who is turning 31 today (πŸŽ‰). Very few husbands would quit their job and their career to join their wife on building a movement and a name for herself. Why? Because that's not what husbands are supposed to do. They are supposed to be the main providers, right? At least that's a comment we've gotten. He may not be on stage or answering podcast interviews (yet), but he is behind every word I say when I'm on stage, behind every "courage is" post, every youtube video, every story we publish, every contract we sign and deal we make. He is the unsung hero to this story. He is there making sure everything I publish is good enough, funny enough, inspiring enough and his favorite: valuable enough πŸ’› So, this post is for him and for all the other husbands out there who decided to defy the status quo and support their wives, not necessarily by buying them fancy gifts (those are nice too). Anyways, if this post isn't perfect is because I did it on my own to surprise Adam on his birthday and let him know how much I appreciate his courage, his love and his unconditional support. Don't ever allow society to define what to do or who to be! It's ok to not be in a box πŸ“¦


Have you ever done this? I had to do it when I visited a city by myself during the project and I really enjoyed the experience. I did it again last year when I decided to spend my birthday by myself. At first it feels weird, from the moment you say "table for one" to the moment you order only one glass of wine. But then, it starts to feel nice 🍷! Suddenly you forget about the awkwardness of being alone at a nice restaurant and start to really enjoy your own company! βœ¨πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ’« Cheers to this! 


I know that it takes courage to admit that sometimes things are not ok, but with the help of others they may be. This post was a suggestion of @theharmonytribe who overcame eating disorders by daring to ask for help. You never have to deal with things on your own, doesn't matter how embarrassing or awkward it can feel, people that love you will WANT to be there for you just as you'd like to be there for them πŸ’› You can listen to Odette's story on my Youtube Channel or iTunes Podcast if you wish to know more about this, just look for Hello Fears on both platforms


@danigomezcastro suggested a post about courage being not settling for a job because of the pay and to keep looking for one that makes you happy and fulfilled. I decided to expand it to a few other things because you shouldn't settle for anything in life. Not for a job, but also not for a partner that you're not sure about, shitty πŸ’© relationships, the city you live in, the skills that you currently have, etc. Take a moment to reflect on your life situation, what about it you love and what are you not truly satisfied with? What's keeping you from leaving the life that you have to actually living the one that you want? Confusing? I know. Life is confusing and no one has the right answer, but we all have feelings. If something doesn't feel right, don't settle. Keep looking. Only then you will find it. I promise πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨ 


Today in the youtube channel we learned from @veroruizdelvizo the importance of turning your dreams into action to stand out from the rest. She considers herself a dreamer, but most importantly, a doer. 


So I had no idea what that was before living in NY but very quickly I had to find out. Turns out it's pretty normal to have a mouse 🐭 in your apartment. Just today we caught our second one since we moved to this building 3 years ago. Swipe ➑️ to see more things that make this city sort of uncomfortable to live in. So many people say they always wanted to live here, but only a few (million) brave do. I wanted to live here my entire life but I didn't have the courage to move by myself. It's not easy to live here but it's fuck*ng awesome tbh. So if you're one of those who "always wanted to live in NY" go for it. Again, it's not gonna be easy, but it's gonna be worth it. Mouse and all!


Post inspired by @adriherdan "Courage is standing in front of someone and telling them you love them." Do you still think guys should make the first approach? In fact, the other day I heard the sweetest story of a friend who proposed to her boyfriend. Luckily for her, the guy was going to do the same thing that night and had the ring in his pocket. By far my favorite proposal story πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’›


According to @mariamenesest courage is putting yourself first. I know this may sound selfish, but just like in airplanes, you need to secure your oxygen mask first so you can then help your loved ones. So, are your needs being met? Are you listening to your body and your heart? Are you enjoying your day-to-day? If the answer is no, think about all the things you can do to improve your quality of life. If you're happy you will not only be able to help others in the best way, but you will also serve as an example to those around you. Remember, happiness can be contagious. There's always something we can do to change our current mood/situation, the problem is that it may take courage to get there


This has been so much fun I think I will keep going after day 100! Double tap if you agree! πŸ™ŒπŸΌβœ¨ Today's courage definition was suggested by my husband, Adam. Have you heard of the "impostor syndrome"? It's something that high-achievers feel when they doubt their own strengths and potential. We've all experienced it at some point, but the important thing is to understand that we each have our own journeys, our own speed and our own way of doing things. So try to avoid comparing yourself to others (I know, I know, easier said than done) and start owning what makes you different. You're no better or worse. You are doing your best and you will get what you want, sooner or later. So keep going and looking forward, not to the sides!


If you've been following me for a while you know that approaching strangers is one of my biggest fears, even if it's to say something nice. So when @nicolenikig said that "Courage is to compliment a stranger on the subway" I immediately could relate to that comment. I wonder why is this so hard? So many times I feel like saying something to someone else about her shoes, makeup, hair, style, and I don't! Any advice on how to give that step??? 


This weekend take some time to write a list of the things that make YOU remarkable. Thank you @veseto777 for reminding us that this not only takes courage but also self-awareness to understand that we are enough πŸ’ͺ🏼✨ Proud of you


When I was in high school I used to rely a lot on my friends to stand up for me when bullied. I felt so lucky to have them, but I was also very comfortable and never thought of doing something about it. When I went to college I had a terrible roommate and no one to stand up for me. I never tried to stand up for myself, I was too afraid. Now I wonder, afraid of what? What ended up happening is that instead of resenting her, I ended up resenting myself for allowing my fears to get in the way. After that experience I promised myself I was never going to allow that to happen again. I now challenge myself everytime that I can to speak up, stand up for myself and get the things I want to get. I hate confrontation and honestly it is still one of my biggest fears, but the feeling of resenting myself is way worse than the one I get before I confront someone else. Any advice on this?


According to @lishacorn "Courage is knowing what matters to you and telling others." This comment inspired me to not only do a video about my thoughts on the words 'fearless' and 'brave' but to actually do something about it. Let me tell you something, starting a petition is freaking scary!!!! But I took that as a sign that I should do it even more, because anyways, what's the BEST that could happen?

Now I need your help! Here you can watch the video and sign the petition!


β–ͺ️015β–ͺ️According to @babs_bm "Courage is to leave your comfort zone and what's safe for you, to take an adventure into the unknown and towards an unpredictable future." She then added a bunch of 😁😁😁, so I'm guessing it went better than expected (as it usually happens). Our mind plays tricks on us, making us believe the worst is going to happen if we choose the unknown path. Only those who have chosen it know that the unknown is the best path of them all. It is filled with lessons, surprises and stories to remember for a lifetime. What's courage for you? πŸ™ŒπŸΌ


@jearnal "Courage is sharing with the world my story of struggle with depression" - I recently made a video for my YouTube channel about my thoughts on social media, and one thing I mentioned is that we're too used to only seeing the good side of people's lives instead of the whole picture. This makes others feel like if their life is not good enough. I'm a big supporter of those who decide to get vulnerable and share their struggle with the world. I not only admire their courage but also their will to help others with their personal story. This is a big reason why I launched hellofears.com where anyone can get inspired by anyone. I challenge you to share your story with us and be a source of inspiration to others