Some of the schools/events Michelle has been invited to speak


"Dear Younger Self,"

A talk that empowers future leaders to live with courage, find their authenticity and embrace their growth paths.

Michelle’s humorous, refreshing and inspiring speaking style has been captivating audiences across the globe. With authentic storytelling, engaging visuals and her 100 Days Without Fear experience, Michelle shows us how to challenge our comfort zone and tap into our full potential.

In this fun and energizing session, the audience will learn about:

  • Identifying and approaching our fears

  • Dealing with the unknown

  • Daring to fail

  • Seeking growth over safety

  • The difference between 'Fearless' and 'Brave'

  • Embracing authenticity

  • Redefining fear, from obstacle to opportunity


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NCGS - National Coalition Of Girls' School

Washington, DC

"Dear Michelle, this was one of the most successful conferences NCGS has ever held – due in large part to your engaging and inspiring remarks during the closing session.

Thank you so very much for being a part of this gathering of dedicated, enthusiastic educators and providing them with much food for thought as they help guide the next generation of female leaders. Your messages were particularly powerful, and I am hopeful that delegates now feel like they have “permission” to try new things – and, even more important, model this behavior for their students. 

Thank you again for your immeasurable contributions to the conference and for being a part of this important conversation. Thank you also for the work you are doing to empower and inspire others to fear less and do more. I hope our paths will cross again in the future." – Jen Shakeshaft, Director of Strategic Initiatives & Professional Development

Bullis School

Potomac, MD

"Michelle, we are all blown away - from the moment you jumped off the stage to dance, to the rousing standing ovation. We were blown away by you, your message, your delivery...EVERYTHING!!! Our kids and adults spent the rest of the day talking about you, on YouTube watching your clips, sharing their fears and your words of wisdom. I came upon one student typing furiously on her laptop open and she said, 'She inspired me to write!'  Know that you absolutely changed and expanded hearts and minds today." – Lisa Gray, Upper School Counselor

Branksome Hall

South Korea

“I have never seen every single one of the students so attentive, especially after lunch! Also, it was the first time I received Thank You emails from the students for bringing such remarkable speaker. Michelle was not only very entertaining, but she was also truly inspiring for the girls during the age of uncertainty and extreme self-consciousness. She has definitely touched many student hearts and I hope these girls will grow up to inspire others, just like they were touched by Michelle.” – Jay Kim, Director Of Marketing

Sophia Academy

Providence, RI

"Michelle, we had such a wonderful time. Your message is so positive and so relevant for our students and the adults who surround them! We can’t wait to build on the momentum you generated this morning, throughout the year, as the girls confront their own fears, every day, within themselves, inside and outside the school, always with love around them." –Gigi DiBello, Head of School

Miss Porter's School

Farmington, CT

"We were thrilled to welcome Michelle Poler to Miss Porter's School for 9th grade orientation. Her message resonated beautifully with the girls as they considered how best to navigate this important right of passage--beginning high school in an entirely new environment. Michelle offered them important messages about stepping outside their comfort zones, taking appropriate risks, and being brave in the face of fear." –Liz Schmitt, Chief Enrollment and Student Affairs Officer

Castilleja School


“Michelle was very well received by students and faculty, even many parents have emailed to let us know that their daughters came home sharing what they learned from Michelle’s message. Her talk was the perfect ending to the first day of school.” –Nanci Kauffman, Head Of School

"Michelle Poler's unique blend of humor, inspiration, and vulnerability are a winning combination. She is beautifully human and relatable, as well as intentional--thoughtfully tailoring each talk to her audience, which allows her to connect her story in incredibly meaningful ways with those in the room. With beautiful slides, compelling videos, and artful storytelling, Michelle's presentation captivates from start to finish. Most importantly, you will leave feeling challenged and empowered to live more courageously. Since her visit, it has been wonderful to see and hear our faculty, students, and alumnae engage in powerful reflections about how they navigate and challenge their own fears. She has left a lasting impression on our community!" –Rachel Evers and Julia Odelowo

SCAD - Savannah College of Art & Design


“SCAD was delighted to invite Michelle to address the SCAD Savannah Class of 2016 at the university’s commencement ceremony. She is a charismatic and high energy speaker with a gift for establishing instant rapport with audiences. Her curiosity, intellect, and optimism are sure to inspire her listeners to expand their horizons, visualize their goals, and find happiness – exactly as she has done.” – Paula Wallace, SCAD President and Founder

A Mighty Lass - Mpower Conference

Long Island, NY

"Your presentation was one of the most impactful, creative, engaging and fun speeches I have ever seen (and I just saw Hillary Clinton speak the week before!). You exceeded our expectations with your delivery and we are honored that you were a part of our event. Thank you!!" –Emma Brandt, Cofounder

"Everyone was blown away by your fun and candid, yet inspiring and motivating keynote presentation! It couldn't have been better in our eyes! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us yesterday and sharing in our mission to #raisepowerfulgirls!" – Camissa Gallagher, Cofounder

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