Audience Feedback

Here are a few of my favorite comments. Some I received by email, some through Youtube and others through Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat. Comments like these are my fuel to keep going with even more passion everyday :) 

Also, these are some of the articles written by people who have been deeply inspired by my talk:

"I'm a freshman at Castilleja and I saw you speak today! Just wanted to say how much I loved it. I have a lot of anxiety and fears myself and you really inspired me, especially it being my first day of high school." –Alicia

"The talk you gave at my school today was absolutely amazing. I learned so much from you especially also being a person who has many fears. After your performance, I was so determined to take more risks in and out of the classroom and make this a great year!" –Kelly

"Thank you so much for coming to Castilleja! I really enjoyed your speech today and learned a lot from your experiences! You were amazing and that was one of the best speeches I've heard at Casti!" –Diana

"You were so incredible! I really enjoyed your speech today. It was so inspirational. I learned a lot and definitely look at fear in a different way now." –Lis

"After Michelle came to speak to us in Palo Alto, I wrote an article on my experience with fear and anxiety. She inspires me so much every day, plus I love to follow her on social media." –Alexa Crowder.

"After you came to my school I was inspired to face my fears, one at a time. It hasn't been easy, but my life since then has been so much more rewarding. I hope I can be as brave as you someday." –Catherine