This May, 2017, I had the enormous pleasure to travel all the way to Rome to speak at The Festival of Media Global, better yet, open the festival with my speech! The experience was phenomenal, so in order to celebrate, we decided to take a short trip to the Amalfi Coast. We were blown away by the views and the good vibes, but mostly, by our tour guide, Manuel. After spending an entire day with him, singing in the car, laughing with him and experiencing the little towns in the best way, thanks to him, he shared with us the story behind his scars in his head. Manuel has had 3 surgeries due to brain tumors in the lasts years, one every two years. I was in complete shock. What impacted me te most is that he was such a joyful human being. He told us he is thankful with G-d and appreciated every single day of life that he has. Others might have been pissed at life for having to go through this tragedy, but not him. That taught us a valuable lesson on gratitude and we will be forever thankful! 

Happiness is not a goal, it’s a mindset.
— Michelle Poler