(In Spanish with Subtitles in English)

Hey guys! This time I'm making an exception by posting an interview in Spanish with Vero Ruiz Del Vizo. She's the Founder of OJO Magazine and Mashup Agency where she leads Digital Strategy for clients such as Pepsico, Smirnoff, Doritos, and Nestle, among many others. 

Vero also works with celebrities on developing their personal brand, helping them achieve a better connection with their fan base on social media. 

In this episode, Vero teaches us about the importance of dreaming and learning how to put those dreams into action. I hope you enjoy her valuable advice!

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V E R O ' S  L E T T E R   T O  H E R  Y O U N G E R  S E L F

F U L L  I N T E R V I E W  B E L O W

Doing stuff shows others your ideas put into motion, your values, your capabilities and the impact you could have.
— Vero Ruiz Del Vizo