Odette Cressler, founder of The Harmony Tribe, used to struggle with eating disorders and self-image issues her entire life, always trying to fit in and satisfy other people. One day, she said enough is enough and decided to get help. After that day, she was able to recover and learn how to love herself. Now, she teaches other's how to stay healthy and in love with their body.

You can follow Odette through Instagram @theharmonytribe

O D E T T E ' S  L E T T E R

This video was made in collaboration with David Ciabotaru, a Venezuelan illustrator based in Israel. Instagram: @dciabo

Listen to Odette's FULL 25-minute interview here!

W E E K L Y  C H A L L E N G E

Just like Odette's Instagram post, this week you have to share a picture that shows your true and vulnerable self. Something you wouldn't normally post. Maybe a picture of you without makeup, or when you're not at your best. I know it takes courage but it is important to sometimes show the world you are real, unfiltered and vulnerable. We are always crafting our personal brand through social media, making everything look perfect, when in reality no one is perfect, so who are we trying to fool?


* G I V E A W A Y *

In order to win a brand new pair of Rayban Aviator sunglasses, you must follow these steps:

  1. On your Instagram feed or Instagram story, you have to post a picture of your authentic self. You must show something you normally wouldn't. I will choose the winner based on bravery. On the caption tag @hellofears and use the hashtag #HFselfworth #hellofears
  2. Go to my youtube channel, watch Odette's interview and let me know in the comments that you are participating. Make sure to mention your Instagram handle!

This week's prize is sponsored by Clifton Eyecare and Englewood Eye Center :)

"When you are scared the most, is when you have to do things the most."

–Odette Cressler