Dear Younger Self, is a Youtube series that speaks to my teenage self, and every other teenager in the world. In every episode I will share valuable advice that will help girls navigate their teenage years with more confidence and will to take more risks, try new things and go outside of their comfort zone once in awhile.

So, welcome to my new series younger selves!!!!

I'm beyond excited to have you here :) So get ready because amazing things are going to happen:

  1. Weekly inspiration: Every Wednesday at 5pm ET I'll be posting a video about things you care about in life: school, boys, friends, passion, self-image, popularity, makeup, and other stuff. By the way, I'd love to hear your suggestions on what other topics would you like me to talk about, comment below!
  2. Guests: I will be bringing pretty cool guests to the show, millennials who made it and have some advice to share with their younger self.
  3. Get ready to get challenged and leave your comfort zone for good: At the end of each episode I'll be posting a challenge that will encourage you to become a better version of yourself. Are you up for it?
  4. Prizes: Those who accept the challenges will have a chance to win really cool stuff so watch out for those. Plus, winners will be mentioned at the end of the next episode. Follow me on Instagram for more details on this @hellofears

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