Most of the people like to have one foot in and one foot out in case things don't go according to plan. In my experience, the things that have worked out are the ones I'm fully committed to finishing. It takes a lot of courage to stay committed to projects, mostly when things are not as exciting as in the beginning; but if you push through the hardest moments you will see results. The question is: are you willing to wait? According to @garyvee the one thing successful entrepreneurs have in common is patience. So if you started a 100-day project, finish it, even if it takes you longer than 100 days. If you are committed to helping someone, don't give up as soon as they disappoint you. If you set a personal or professional goal, fight until you get there, or at least until something better comes up. Tbh, this "Courage Is" project is getting complicated, I'm running out of ideas and creative ways to illustrate stuff. Would it be easier to drop it? Heck yeah, 100%! But I won't, I'm fully committed to finishing. Plus, I do enjoy doing these everyday, even though it is hard and even though I'm in Rome with a tight schedule. Tell me, what are you committed to doing these days?