▪️051▪️In 2012, after a few episodes of panic attacks, I decided to go to therapy and start looking inside. The breakdowns always led to the questions What am I missing? Why do I feel so weird all of the sudden? I have the husband I want, the job I want, the apartment I want in the area that I wanted it. I have my friends and family close by. I have everything. Then, I would think: Is this life? To have it all? I just need to have kids one day and then, die? I knew I was missing something; I just didn't know what! My entire life I've been checking things off a list, the list of life, right? Go to college✅ Find a job✅ Get married✅ Buy a house Have kids... . But it turns out that was not enough for me. Therapy made me realize that I had to fulfill personal goals, goals I didn't have in mind at the time. Little by little I started exploring other things when I discovered that I wanted to switch careers, from advertising to branding. I then heard about the Branding program at @svanyc and I suddenly stopped having those panic attacks. I now had a reason to fight for something again. I realized I was too comfortable following society's expectations instead of creating a list of my own expectations and allowing myself to think differently. I will always be thankful to my therapist who helped me look inside and even challenged me to pursue my vision. I learned that therapy is not for the crazy ones, it is for those who realize they want more out of life, they want change, they want growth #courageis #the100dayproject #sva100days #therapy #day51 #psychotherapy #panicattack #mentalhealth #anxiety #hellofears

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