A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit the Amalfi Coast after speaking at the Festival of Media in Rome. When we were there, we got to meet Manuel, who took us around the coast during one of the days. Manuel was extremely joyful and positive, an excellent tour guide. On our way back he shared with us that a few years back he had 3 brain surgeries from 3 different brain tumors. He told us that ever since that happened he thanks G-d every day for being alive and tries to find beauty in absolutely everything. He could've been angry at life, asking "Why me?" But he decided to look at the bright side and be thankful. He chose to be happy. You can see Manuel on my latest Youtube video ▶️ and see how we did some carpool karaoke to the rhythm of reggeaton! 🎤🤗🎤 Link in bio or youtube.com/HelloFears