I want to dedicate today's post to a very brave person I had the luck to marry and who is turning 31 today (🎉). Very few husbands would quit their job and their career to join their wife on building a movement and a name for herself. Why? Because that's not what husbands are supposed to do. They are supposed to be the main providers, right? At least that's a comment we've gotten. He may not be on stage or answering podcast interviews (yet), but he is behind every word I say when I'm on stage, behind every "courage is" post, every youtube video, every story we publish, every contract we sign and deal we make. He is the unsung hero to this story. He is there making sure everything I publish is good enough, funny enough, inspiring enough and his favorite: valuable enough 💛 So, this post is for him and for all the other husbands out there who decided to defy the status quo and support their wives, not necessarily by buying them fancy gifts (those are nice too). Anyways, if this post isn't perfect is because I did it on my own to surprise Adam on his birthday and let him know how much I appreciate his courage, his love and his unconditional support. Don't ever allow society to define what to do or who to be! It's ok to not be in a box 📦