When I was in high school I used to rely a lot on my friends to stand up for me when bullied. I felt so lucky to have them, but I was also very comfortable and never thought of doing something about it. When I went to college I had a terrible roommate and no one to stand up for me. I never tried to stand up for myself, I was too afraid. Now I wonder, afraid of what? What ended up happening is that instead of resenting her, I ended up resenting myself for allowing my fears to get in the way. After that experience I promised myself I was never going to allow that to happen again. I now challenge myself everytime that I can to speak up, stand up for myself and get the things I want to get. I hate confrontation and honestly it is still one of my biggest fears, but the feeling of resenting myself is way worse than the one I get before I confront someone else. Any advice on this?