Why is it so easy to promote someone else's work but so hard to recommend our own stuff to others? I started mastering the art of self-promotion when I first opened Facebook in 2006. I started putting my art and my photography out there as a way to let others know A) what I'm good at, and B) what I'm passionate about. And even though I've been doing it for years, I still doubt myself before sharing my videos and posts with my loved ones and with the rest of the world. The constant struggle: will they like it? makes me doubt my skills and my potential. Do we really need the likes and the hearts to know our self worth? The only thing I know is that if we're confident about our work we must let others know about it - we never know who we may help with our words, images or thoughts. My advice, don't keep the things you do to yourself. Otherwise you will never know how good or bad your work is or who may benefit from your creation 👊🏻