3 years ago I was living in Miami, next to my family and my friends, working in advertising and married to the love of my life.

We had two options: use our savings to buy a house and start a family, or.. turn the steering wheel 180 degrees, use our savings to move to NY and follow my dreams and my heart.

Sounds like an obvious decision now, but it was not easy to go against what all my friends were doing and choose a completely different path.

Many thought I was crazy and questioned my decision, many still think I'm crazy for doing what I'm doing. But I understood I had different needs and priorities and I decided to follow my own expectations, not society's.

Choosing a traditional path can be great too, if that's what your heart desires, but if deep down you want something else, don't be afraid to make that decision, it's what will bring you joy and fulfillment, even though others may not fully understand it.

Today, I'm in Miami for Passover, and it feels weird to be surrounded by so many babies and mortgages, mostly now that I'm about to go nomad for a few months (or more). But, it's a good kind of weird. A weird that tells me I'm doing the right thing, at least for me :)