Audience Feedback

At World Domination Summit

"I'm so inspired and it's all your fault, Michelle! Your talk was spot on, and I'm so grateful. Thank you for making us dance :)" –Canetha D.

"I was most inspired by your talk. It made me notice my comfort zone has indeed gotten smaller as I've aged. Now I'm ready for a new chapter of life adventure." –Darren O.

"Thank you for your Fear Less Do More talk, you inspired me to face one of my fears that night. So thank you for helping me overcome one of my fears (and having a lot of fun as a result)." –PJ Smith

"Out of all the presentations, yours gave me the most to ponder." –Ryan M.

"Thank you for a brilliant talk! Your 'War Of Art' quote was THE moment for me, so resonant" –Michael R.

"I was most moved to take action by your talk. Excited to continue to take action on my fear list every day since I started yesterday" –Deanna S.

"You were terrific, I feel so inspired! You are my favorite speaker of the day <3" –Christine S.


"One of the best talks I've seen" –Melanie S.

"Watching your speech made me cry because I realized that if I kept avoiding failure, I would never learn from it. I realized that I was, indeed, holding myself back from all the other opportunities ahead of me. So, thank you, for that inspiring talk. It was consoling and it gave me back my confidence." –Stephanie L.

“This one brought me to tears. I suffer from anxiety all my life and this just made my day. Thank you so much for this talk. It might have possibly just changed my life.” –Hannah P.

"It was an "AHA" moment for me as I thought: “I can actually relate to her.” Your journey emphasized the importance of paying attention to the problems that are close to your heart and do something about it, which is in and of itself aspirational." –Shristi G.

“Thank you Michelle. You are hilarious and wonderful. You give me strength whenever I'm like: I can't do it! I think: If Michelle can do it, I will do too!" –Swavna S.

“This is so wonderfully executed and well thought out. Congratulations Michelle on your journey and how far you have come! You did a tremendous job and stuck through the whole thing. So great you inspired so many, including myself.” –Sean S.


"Love the inspiration. A real life story that connects to my day to day. Approachable success that still drives a unique and inspirational story." –Miriam O.

"Nice to have someone young; different from what we're used to. Refreshing, and very important topic for the company. We are recruited fearful and kept in glass containers of comfort zone" –Melissa H.

"It was really open, honest and it generates excitement and opportunities. I enjoyed everything about her presentation" –Lisa D.

"Excellent speaker!!!! Super encouraging and motivational! I like the fact that it wasn't the typical depressing story" – Ben B.

"It felt so real, like something you can apply to your daily life immediately. Also, loved how she incorporated personal and career examples." –Audrey H.

ESPN Women


"Your presentation today was awesome!!! You have such a great spirit and you smiled throughout your speech, something that is very rare! Thank you so much for coming to ESPN to share your stories! Please come visit again!!!!" –Rebecca H.

"You're talk was the highlight of the day for me. You are such a real person." –Maria G.

"Michelle inspired and challenged us to face our fears and expand our comfort zone today at the Women Annual Leadership Summit. I feel grateful to be part of a company that cares about the women at work and provides tools to advance our careers" –Kalidia R.


"Listening to Michelle Poler talk about her project, 100 Days Without Fear, really struck a chord and inspired me to want to push a little further outside of my comfort zone every day <3" –@Jean J.

"Loved your talk at Netflix! I've been on a personal journey, not as extensive as yours but very fulfilling! Thanks for sharing your story!" –Ashish K.

"Great things never come from comfort zones. I'm officially joining the @hellofears movement. What would you do if you weren't afraid?" –Lauren M.


"Two days after your talk, my teammates invited me to go surfing at night in the Pacific Ocean with them, I was about to not do it, and then I said 'f'it' and walked out into the ocean with my teammates and surfed until we couldn't surf any longer. If I truly got anything out of listening to you, it was that failing to try is the biggest failure of them all and the more uncomfortable we get the greater the reward. If it wasn't for you sharing what you did, I would have taken the easy way out. It was one of the most exhilarating times in my life, solely because I decided to not let fear and the unknown get in the way." –Jacob Martin

"Such an awesome talk from start to finish. Just wanted to say thanks for the simple reminder. I was speaking on a panel at the end of the day and I was so nervous about it. But you reminded me to just be myself and that was the simplest form of advice but exactly what I needed. The panel went well and I felt confident in just being who I am as a person. Thanks for doing what you do!" –Vanessa Z.