Audience Feedback

Here are a few of my favorite comments. Some I received by email, some through Youtube and others through Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat. Comments like these are what keeps me going :) 

Also, these are some of the articles written by people who have been deeply inspired by my talk:


"I'm a freshman at Castilleja and I saw you speak today! Just wanted to say how much I loved it. I have a lot of anxiety and fears myself and you really inspired me, especially it being my first day of high school." –Alicia A.

"The talk you gave at my school today was absolutely amazing. I learned so much from you especially also being a person who has many fears. After your performance, I was so determined to take more risks in and out of the classroom and make this a great year!" –Kelly Y.

"Thank you so much for coming to Castilleja! I really enjoyed your speech today and learned a lot from your experiences! You were amazing and that was one of the best speeches I've heard at Casti!" –Diana V.

"You were so incredible! I really enjoyed your speech today. It was so inspirational. I learned a lot and definitely look at fear in a different way now." –Lis H.

"After Michelle came to speak to us in Palo Alto, I wrote an article on my experience with fear and anxiety. She inspires me so much every day, plus I love to follow her on social media." –Alexa Crowder.

"After you came to my school I was inspired to face my fears, one at a time. It hasn't been easy, but my life since then has been so much more rewarding. I hope I can be as brave as you someday." –Catherine S


"One of the best TEDx Talks I've seen" –Melanie S.

“PROFOUND! Amazing truth! I have finally started to face my fears, one by one, little things and big things.. and that is the absolute truth. I get to feel these emotions I never feel when consumed and hiding behind fears. Excellent work! Oh and thanks for using one of my comments on your powerpoint! SO COOL!!!” –Van S. 

“This one brought me to tears. I suffer from anxiety all my life (was going through an attack right now) and this just made my day. For some, a fear would be jumping off a cliff. for others, it can be much smaller things. But for us they are huge!! And each person has it's own fears!! Thank you so much for this talk. It might have possibly just changed my life.” –Hannah P.

“THANKS!! I had been waiting to stumble on a talk like yours for ages. I am now subscribed to your channel :)” –Leon I.

“Thank you Michelle. You are hilarious and wonderful. You give me strength whenever I'm like: I can't do it! I think: If Michelle can do it, I will do too!" –Swavna S.

“Tomorrow is my first day at work. You not only calmed me down but also inspired me. I will consider this work as the first challenge. Wish me luck” –Tom K.

“This is so wonderfully executed and well thought out. Congratulations Michelle on your completion of your project and how far you have come! You did a tremendous job and stuck through the whole thing. So great you inspired so many” –Sean S.

"The message was very inspiring and the presentation had great quality - she was able to get full attention during the entire presentation. Simple yet powerful."

"Love the inspiration. A real life story that connects to my day to day. Approachable success that still drives a unique and inspirational story."

"She encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and test my limits, raising the bar every time seeking to be better always."

"Nice to have someone young; different from what we're used to. Refreshing, and very important topic for the Company: We are recruited fearful and kept in glass containers of comfort zone"

"It was really open, honest and it generates excitement and opportunities. I enjoyed everything about her presentation"

"Excellent speaker!!!! Super encouraging and motivational! I like the fact that it wasn't the typical depressing story"

"It felt so real, like something you can apply to your daily life immediately. Also, loved how she incorporated personal and career examples."



"Listening to Michelle Poler talk about her project, 100 Days Without Fear, really struck a chord and inspired me to want to push a little further outside of my comfort zone every day <3" –@j6tran

"You are an incredible speaker! Thank you for spending your morning with us at Netflix!" –Madeline R.

"Loved your talk at Netflix! I've been on a personal journey, not as extensive as yours but very fulfilling! Thanks for sharing your story!" –Ashish K.

"Great things never come from comfort zones. I'm officially joining the @hellofears movement. What would you do if you weren't afraid?" –Lauren M.