According to @lishacorn "Courage is knowing what matters to you and telling others." This comment inspired me to not only do a video about my thoughts on the words 'fearless' and 'brave' but to actually do something about it. Let me tell you something, starting a petition is freaking scary!!!! But I took that as a sign that I should do it even more, because anyways, what's the BEST that could happen?

Now I need your help! Here you can watch the video and sign the petition!


▪️015▪️According to @babs_bm "Courage is to leave your comfort zone and what's safe for you, to take an adventure into the unknown and towards an unpredictable future." She then added a bunch of 😁😁😁, so I'm guessing it went better than expected (as it usually happens). Our mind plays tricks on us, making us believe the worst is going to happen if we choose the unknown path. Only those who have chosen it know that the unknown is the best path of them all. It is filled with lessons, surprises and stories to remember for a lifetime. What's courage for you? 🙌🏼


@jearnal "Courage is sharing with the world my story of struggle with depression" - I recently made a video for my YouTube channel about my thoughts on social media, and one thing I mentioned is that we're too used to only seeing the good side of people's lives instead of the whole picture. This makes others feel like if their life is not good enough. I'm a big supporter of those who decide to get vulnerable and share their struggle with the world. I not only admire their courage but also their will to help others with their personal story. This is a big reason why I launched hellofears.com where anyone can get inspired by anyone. I challenge you to share your story with us and be a source of inspiration to others


"Courage is to leave your own country and open your heart and mind to a new one."–@pattytato. I could relate to this so much since I left my country 🇻🇪 10 YEARS AGO! Wow, I literally just realized it's been 10 years since I left as I write this post. Little did I know everyone I knew (at least 70% of the people) were going to leave as well, sooner or later. Now, if I want to visit my family I need to travel all over the 🌎. It takes a lot of courage to immigrate and the older you are, the harder. But, as @pattytato said, it is not only about leaving your own country but to open you mind and ❤️ to a new one. I'm grateful to the 🇺🇸 for opening its doors for me and my family. 

ES: "Valentia es dejar tu pais y abrirle tu mente y tu corazon a uno nuevo." Me relacioné demasiado con esto ya que yo deje mi país 🇻🇪 hace ya 10 AÑOS! Literalmente acabo de caer en cuenta que ya van 10 años en este instante. Jamás me imaginé que todos, o casi todos mis conocidos dejarían el país después. Ahora si quiero visitar a mi familia basicamente tengo que viajar por todo el 🌎. Toma mucha valentía emigrar y entre más tarde lo hagas, más difícil. Pero como dijo @pattytato no se trata solo de dejar tu país si no de abrirle la mente y el corazón ❤️ a uno nuevo. Estoy muy agradecida con 🇺🇸 por abrirnos sus puertas, a mi y a mi familia.


@ahealthygirlsguide says that even though she got her 200-hour yoga certification, she still can't do many of the poses or be as flexible as she'd like to be. But that doesn't stop her from pushing herself and keep trying every single time. As they say, perfect is the enemy of good. She is now posting about her yoga progress on her Instagram page if you want to get inspired by her personal journey 🙏🏻


Society trained us to always answer "good, and you?" to the one question we get everyday "How are you?" But, why? Even during our worst most crappy days we fool ourselves and others by saying that we are good. Is there something wrong if things are not good or perfect? One thing is to fool others and try to hide how we really feel, but another one is to fool ourselves, because in that case we will NEVER be able to change our situation. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself "Hey! How are you?" Now, have an honest conversation with yourself. Try to be as transparent and as vulnerable as possible. And if you are not "good" then, be honest about what's holding you back from genuine happiness and FREAKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We own our lives and absolutely no one else will make it better, change starts from within. That simple. 


I used to care so much about what others thought of me that I would NEVER leave the house without makeup, blow dried hair, nice clothes and heels (when necessary). After moving to NY, little by little I started to care less about what "others thought" and more about how I felt. Today, I care very little if I'm disappointing others with my look. I'm very confident going out without any makeup and dressed in whatever clothes I felt like wearing that day. By doing so, I started to develop my own style which I was not able to do before; I was so concerned about pleasing others that I had no time to explore what I liked 🙋🏼! Next time you dress up, ask yourself: who am I trying to impress? Make sure the answer is "Myself" and I'll send you a virtual high five 🖐🏼! 


3 years ago I was living in Miami, next to my family and my friends, working in advertising and married to the love of my life.

We had two options: use our savings to buy a house and start a family, or.. turn the steering wheel 180 degrees, use our savings to move to NY and follow my dreams and my heart.

Sounds like an obvious decision now, but it was not easy to go against what all my friends were doing and choose a completely different path.

Many thought I was crazy and questioned my decision, many still think I'm crazy for doing what I'm doing. But I understood I had different needs and priorities and I decided to follow my own expectations, not society's.

Choosing a traditional path can be great too, if that's what your heart desires, but if deep down you want something else, don't be afraid to make that decision, it's what will bring you joy and fulfillment, even though others may not fully understand it.

Today, I'm in Miami for Passover, and it feels weird to be surrounded by so many babies and mortgages, mostly now that I'm about to go nomad for a few months (or more). But, it's a good kind of weird. A weird that tells me I'm doing the right thing, at least for me :)


It's too easy to say "forget about it, it will never happen" and do nothing about it. It's hard to stay positive, to believe there is a way and to contribute even in a very small way. But it is worth it. My fellow Venezuelans are in the streets, fighting against dictatorship because there is still hope. After 18 years we believe we can get it back, and that is the first step to do something about it. Extremely proud and inspired by the people who are right now fighting for our freedom. My ♥️ is in Venezuela

🇻🇪 "Coraje es ser optimista en los tiempos mas oscuros" Es demasiado fácil decir: Olvídalo, jamás saldremos de esta, y continuar con nuestras vidas. Lo dificil es estar positivo, creer que hay un camino y hacer algo al respecto (así sea algo pequeño). Por qué? Porque vale la pena. Los Venezolanos que siguen en mi país estan hoy en las calles, luchando contra la dictadura, llenos de esperanza. Después de 18 años tenemos fé que podemos recuperar el país, y ese es el primer paso para hacer algo al respecto. Estoy demasiado orgullosa e inspirada por aquellos que hoy luchan por la libertad. Mi ♥️ está en Venezuela


I think this is one of the things that requires courage the most, to admit you made a mistake and actually do something about it. We can all do something to change the situation we are in, the question is, are you willing to disappoint others in the process? At the end, this is YOUR life and you only get one chance to live it to the fullest. What would you do if you weren't afraid to disappoint others?


For some this takes no courage at all, for other's this would not even be a possibility. I would never speak up whenever I wasn't satisfied with my meal, I would blame it on myself for choosing the wrong thing or not being specific enough and move on. Now, I realized that It only takes a few words to ask for what we do want and we will get it, not always, but most of the times we will. Like Oprah once said "You get in life what you have the courage to ask for." This is 100% true and on point. I'm so glad I learned this early in life 🙏🏻 -- Start practicing this and little by little you will realize you never have to settle ever again for things that don't make you happy (This not only applies to drinks and meals of course!) 


Would you pack your bags, pick a destination you've always wanted to visit and buy a round trip ticket just for yourself? Would you dare to spend a few days just listening to your own thoughts, enjoying your own company and experiencing life by yourself? Sounds like an amazing (but terrifying) plan, I must do this! 😬💪🏼🙋🏼 


The other day a friend was telling me how she saw a man touching inappropriately a woman in a crowded subway. She was frustrated and mad at herself that she didn't have the courage to stand up for her. Gladly, the woman stood up for herself. And my friend promised herself she was never going to allow something like that to happen ever again in her eyes. Would you stand up for someone else?


"Compassionate people establish boundaries, which keeps them out of resentment. How can others value our words when we dont value ourselves enough to put bundaries?" ✨ I recently heard @brenebrown talk about this on her book Rising Strong. I have a hard time putting boundaries because it takes courage to do so. But from now on, I challenge myself to not only establish boundaries but to value and respect my word. She also mentioned "People treat us based on how they see we treat ourselves" OMG, #gold seriously. Any advice on how to put boundaries fearlessly? 


Last month I started following designer Cristina Vanko and her @100daysofadulting project and loved everything about it. I thought about letting her know I exist and that she has a new fan, but then I was like "What if she doesn't care? I mean, why would she?" I finally got over my fear and reached out! 

Turns out we have so much in common and she was down to get to know me as well! 

We connected, became internet friends and she sent me her awesome book which I absolutely love 🙌🏼! 

The point is, it takes courage to reach out to people you admire, but try to find out how can you add value to them as well and offer your help or friendship. 

I recently heard the saying "you are the result of the 5 people you surround yourself with." That day I started expanding my network by reaching out to people that I not only would like to collaborate with but I would enjoy having as a friend.



Seriously, WTF am I doing??? Am I crazy enough to embark on a new 100-day project? Heck yeah!

Starting today, every day I will post a different situation that represents what courage means to me. From launching a new project to giving a compliment to a stranger.

This is a double fear because I will not only challenge myself to start another 100-day project, but I will attempt to illustrate all of these posts myself! Huge fear!!!!

Wish me luck!